1. Wand concept used in this selector (i.e. wood+core), as well as the particular types of cores were introduced in J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter novels. These novels are magnificent - but you probably know that already:) Hovewer, the characteristics of wands in this test may not match those given or implied in the books.

  2. This Wand Selector is based on author's Tree Archetype System and uses symbolical meaning of various trees common in European culture tradition. There are total number of 21 tree profiles and 3 core profiles in it, which makes 21x3 = 63 combinations for wands; however, the number of possible answers is even greater, as you may receive up to 3 matches.

  3. Each answer is structured in the following way: first comes tree description; then - short list of keywords, which are illustrating the main tree principle; and, at last, the wand description itself. If you are interested in detailed information on each tree please refer to the page ROOT SYSTEM: TREE SYMBOLYSM.

  4. You must have Macromedia Shockwave Player 5 installed to take this test. Most likely, this Player is already present in your system. If not, you can download it from Macromedia's site for free. In case you are not sure if you have appropriate player, please check whether you are able to see swirling snake below. If you don't see it, the Wand Selector will not work for you. Sorry...

  5. Test consists of about 25 questions. In each question you will be proposed to chose one of the two possible answers. Some of them will seem obvious to you, but there may be several questions, which will look rather strange and obscure - for example, the alternatives might not be contradictive. This is intentional. I advise you to think over these questions, to look deeply into their meaning, even to meditate on them, - and then you may find a 'sense'. Sort of :)

  6. You will not be prompted to give any kind of personal information during this test. However, I reserve to myself a right to keep the result you gain and use it for research purposes (mainly, to study general tendencies according the archetype distribution).

  7. This Wand Selector was designed and written by none other than me, i.e. GreenOak. Thank you for your interest in it. Though, you may not distribute or copy it. You are welcome to link to this test; I only ask you not to link directly. Better link to this page. And, of course, I will appreciate if you let me know your opinion on this test!

  8. If you are agree with all things stated above - then