This water-loving tree with a distinct female symbolism is usually associated with Moon Goddess. A wood of Water and Moon magic, Willow represents subconscious psychic energy and intuition. Its connection with Water exists not only in spiritual sense, but also in physical one, for this tree prefers to grow near riverbanks. In European tradition, this wood is a symbol of melancholy, mourning and unlucky love, and can signify quick growth leading to a quick end.

Willow is said to grow in-between the worlds, thus marking a passage 'to the other side'. It symbolizes 'a new journey', though rather on spiritual than on material level: the sad, but inevitable journey of dissolving and change. Nevertheless, despite implied melancholy and depression, Willow principle is not dark or destructive. Quite the contrary - it is light and supporting, and personifies healing, deliverance from evil aggression and love.

Willow is the tree of enchantment, and works extremely well with all kind of charms and illusions. Though of little use in battle, this tree proves itself in indirect attack due to its outstanding flexibility and the ability to disorient an enemy. It is also famous as good defender and healer.

One of the most deep and essential Willow's abilities is the ability to make wishes come true. Of course, this refers only to the most precious and intimate wishes, for the required price is very high and can mean dissimilation of those who wish.

Keywords: water and moon principle, intuition, subconscious, change, passage, journey, melancholy, dissimilation, connection with Otherworld, transformation, early death, enchantments, charms, illusion, love, healing, wishes come true at the cost of one's life.

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