Vine has possibly one of the richest symbolisms among all other woods. It thought to possess sacred qualities by both pagan and Christian lore. However, the symbolical meaning of this wood is different for each one of them at least, so it seems at first sight. Pre-Christian (mainly, ancient Greek) tradition has assigned to Vine such qualities as joy, exhilaration, vitality, and creative inspiration. This tree was dedicated to Dionysus and Bacchus and due to this was considered to embody all main characteristics commonly attributed to those two deities; aside from qualities mentioned above one might mention vivacity, cunning, love for carnal pleasures and inclination to illusions and trickery.

In Christianity, however, Vine started to be seen as symbol of Christ ('the true vine'), thereby gaining a higher spiritual level in its meaning, representing 'preservation the true essence' and 'sacral mystery'. This hidden, sacred knowledge is often perceived as some kind of promise and thought to be beyond the comprehension of common 'profane' people. Most likely, this secret knowledge deals with rebirth and true heritage (the latter aspect is considered by some groups to be the direct indication to a certain bloodline).

Despite its deep and to some extent ambiguous symbolism, Vine's nature is not dark or heavy. Quite the contrary, this wood is joyous and buoyant and sometimes even too much joyous and buoyant. That's why one must be cautious: this easiness may cause a loss of lucidity of the mind and lead to misfortune.

In magical and spiritual workings, Vine is often used for the purpose of gaining artistic and poetic inspiration. It has the ability to make somebody to forget all sad and disturbing thoughts (only temporarily, though) and can be used to create illusions and induce false visions. On higher level, this wood is used in rebirth and transformation rituals, as well as obtaining sacred knowledge.

Keywords: joy, exhilaration, feasts, carnal pleasures, creative inspiration, cunning, deception, tricks, illusion, vitality, sacred knowledge concerning true heritage, promise of rebirth, hidden mystery, preservation of the true essence.

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