Rowan, also known as Mountain Ash, has long been associated with magic and witchcraft. It is thought to be the tree of Autumn and of the wisdom of old age, and is usually connected with elder women. Being the wood with a deep and mysterious nature, Rowan symbolizes creativity, intuitive knowledge and foresight.

The spirit of Rowan is not completely perceptive, as it may seem at first. Quite the contrary: it is active and strong, and sometimes even aggressive. Like the lightning, which it is obviously connected to, Rowan strikes suddenly; and its strikes can be powerful and unpredictable. Rowan's strength is very unpredictable by its nature, to the degree when it becomes dangerous and even disastrous. However, this unpleasant quality has its positive aspect, which can reveal itself in insights and flashes of creativity, for which Rowan is much appreciated.

Rowan tree is mostly renown for its protective abilities - both against enchantment and physical damage (especially against lightnings), - but range of its possible uses is much wider. In fact, Rowan can be used in magical workings almost of all sorts: for healing purposes, in metal divining (and in finding hidden treasures in general), in astral work, in controlling senses from beguiling; and, of course, in divination and foretelling.

On higher spiritual levels, Rowan is the best match for those people who do not satisfy with easy answers, instead striving to see the deep, true essence of things. And, by the way, it is the favorite tree of astrologers and wandmakers…

Keywords: tree of the Wise, intuition, true essence of things, insight, creativity, foresight, lightning, active protection, healing, astrology, dispelling evil charms, finding what is hidden, strong and unpredictable power, Autumn, wisdom of old age.

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