Pine, as many other evergreen trees, is associated with immortality and eternal life. However, its immortality has its own shade of meaning, which is unique for it - namely, immortality as 'preserving the true essence'. Being calm, fair and detached, Pine is a perfect watcher. Its mission is to sum up everything that has happened, and make sure that nothing will be forgotten. Phrase 'the persistence of memory' describes this archetype the best way possible.

Rather dispassionate, Pine is used to clear thoughts and to alleviate the sense of guilt. It is regarded as a very soothing tree, because it can provide a peace for the troubled souls. Its nature is pure and precise, and no alien influence can corrupt the lucidity of its mind. Pine personifies a high intelligence and understanding, especially when it comes to understanding principles of various schemes, structures and classifications. However, due to the distant appearance, this tree may seem way too cold and even arrogant.

Despite being rather perceptive than active, Pine has noticeable inner strength. It often symbolizes survival in unfavourable conditions. It can resist evil aggression; though, not by a strict counteraction, but more likely by avoiding it.

Pine wood is good for all magical workings that demand clarity and preciseness. It does especially well in rituals of keeping and preservation, as well as in divining or scrying practices. In addition to it, Pine can be used to dispel illusions, calm passions and clear the mind.

Keywords: preserving, clarification, lucidity of mind, persistence of memory, immortality, light, summing up all that happened, balance, calmness, high spirit, detachedness, soothing, divine rituals.

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