Oak, the tree of Kings and Rulers, is the most powerful tree; it is “the highest of trees”, as its Ogham name says. Oak was considered one of the main trees in Druidic tradition. It is tree of power, of authority, of endurance and triumph. Oak is wood with strong male nature. The potent character of this tree reveals itself in association with various Thunder Gods, such as Zeus, Jupiter and Thor.

It's important to emphasize that the Oak power is not the power of simple 'strength'. It implies spiritual, higher power, which can be granted only by gods themselves; and because of that the Oak tree often represents the divine nature of royal authority. As a King Tree, Oak dominates in many areas and various aspects of magic, but especially in those where active effort and protection is required. Oak tree is wise and noble guardian, the protector of all lesser trees.

The Oak power may seem too severe and brutal, for it lacks preciseness and accuracy, but this 'flaw' is easily compensated with its triumphal spiritual light - the Otherworld Light, which no evil can resist.

Keywords: royalty, power, domination, leadership, strength, divine spirit, guardian, protector, endurance, triumph, male principle, active creation, prosperity, guidance from Otherworld, non-precise but right, connection to higher Worlds, divine order, thunder and lightning.

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