Maple, the luckiest of trees, has a very positive spirit. It is a happy tree, since it embodies the most favourable qualities - such as success, prosperity, and wealth. This wood has light, well-balanced nature, and perceives the world in optimistic way. Life in the eyes of Maple is always sweet and pleasant; troubles, misfortunes and strong passions are non-existent for this tree. Being active and energetic in unobtrusive way, Maple easily attracts luck and good fortune.

Sometimes Maple is blamed for its excessive easiness and lack of seriousness, but the matter is that this wood simply was not destined to have a 'deep and complex' nature. Its inner self is not necessarily 'playboy-ish'; it can be as well earnest and hardworking. As for a small amount of vanity and wishes to become popular well, who doesn't want this?

This tree produces constructive, integrative energies; and because of that can be used in bringing things together and uniting isolated parts into a single whole. Maple has good protective qualities and can easily deliver from disturbing passions, depression and bad memories. It is also good for improving physical appearance, for easy love and money charms, and for spells that lure general success in life.

Keywords: good fortune, luck, success in life, prosperity, positive energy, optimism, easiness, attraction, popularity, integration, unification, sweetness, freeing from deep passions and depressive thoughts.

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