Ivy is actually a bush, not a tree, but its significance hasn't been reduced by this fact. Often seen as something similar to Vine, Ivy has its own symbolical meaning which differs a lot from one of the Vine. While Wine is the wood of joy and exhilaration, Ivy is discreet, sad and rather dark. But some aspects are shared by both Ivy and Vine; their connection with immortality and eternal life being an example.

Ivy's view of immortality can be described as 'constancy' and 'striving to preserve things from decaying'. It is a rather 'static' wood with binding qualities, and due to that, it often symbolizes a stop in one's growth or falling under irresistible influence of fate. Though this wood is not so 'fatal', as, for example, Blackthorn, it indicates the same principle: the loss of free will. Ivy's connection with Persephone and Underworld makes this aspect of meaning even more distinct.

Pliable and flexible by its nature, Ivy is, however, tenacious and strong; it advances slowly, but cannot be stopped. Never a leader, it can be a faithful ally whose fidelity is beyond question. Ivy also personifies 'a true eternal love' but rather as a symbol or an abstract principle than as a real feeling: this 'love' always implies addiction to the past, to matters that have 'used to be', but 'are not anymore'. The aspect of 'beauty', symbolized by Ivy, has a similar dark overtones: it is sad, doomed beauty of cloistered Queen, mourning for her destiny.

In magic, Ivy is used for binding and creating exceptionally strong ties. It is also good for casting slowing spells and long-term curses, especially those aimed at intoxicating enemy and taking away his strength and will-power. Another important use this wood has in practises which imply keeping and preserving, as well as in various workings concerning events of the past (for example, memory spells). In addition to it, Ivy can be used in rituals dealing with shadows and Underworld beings.

Keywords: constancy, fidelity, preserving from decay, stop in one's growth, binding, intoxication, tenacity, loss of free will, strong influence of fate, mourning, past, unnoticeable strength, Underworld, Persephone.

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