Holly, as it is shown in its name, represents 'holiness' and guidance from higher spiritual spheres. All the most important aspects of the created world - life, death, justice, consciousness, rightness, necessity etc. - have been united in this tree archetype. Holly's task is to set balance to all things, to set them in place; though, the principle mission of this wood is retribution.

In modern times, this tree has become the essential attribute of Christmas and thus is thought to personify symbols usually associated with Christ. Aside from the already mentioned holiness, these symbols include immortality, resurrection, the right path, and the promise of final retribution and punishment of absolute evil (sometimes the latter aspect is seen as the direct 'physical revenge').

It is important to note that Holly not only symbolises those sacred or holy, but also is connected with 'Hero archetype' in general. Due to that, its associative sphere is wider than it seems at first sight and includes commonly known 'fairy-tale hero' attributes: unusual talents, physical beauty, diversity from others, predestined confrontation with Evil followed by almost obvious victory (our Hero is in fact 'chosen from on high' for that fate).

The use of Holly in spiritual and magical practices is very important yet often misdirected, for this tree's true symbolical meaning is hard to understand. Holly is generally used for guarding against evil and as a link to the spirit world. It can also grant very strong protection and physical beauty. Being the wood with very active nature, Holly can be used in combat spells but with caution, since its power is of very special nature, and is effective only in ultimate 'life-or-death' situations.

Keywords: holiness, guidance from the spirit world, 'chosen one', Christ, a Hero, immortality, rebirth, predestined confrontation and banishing Evil, revenge, settling the balance, active combat, special abilities, physical beauty.

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