Hazel is a tree renowned for its knowledge and wisdom. From ancient times, mastering of the arts and sciences was bound to the eating of Hazel nuts, since this wood can give you not only knowledge and wisdom, but also creativeness and inspiration.

Wisdom of Hazel is the wisdom of wide perspective; for this tree can see the situation objectively, from different points of view, and is able to completely understand it. Hazel likes both abstract theories and practical knowledge, using them appropriately for the purpose of finding the truth.

Having a calm and well-balanced nature, Hazel is, however, quite strong in character. This tree has a deep feeling of justice, and thus can be used to divine the guilt of persons in cases when crime has been committed. Setting the balance and solving various complicated situations is important Hazel's duty. This tree also has a distinct protective quality, though it will protect only those whom it considered to be 'good'.

In magic, Hazel can be used almost for all purposes, especially for workings that involve seeking the truth and gaining information. Despite the inner strength and the ability to judge, Hazel's spirit is mainly perceptive, and because of that this wood is not very suitable for power-oriented spells.

Keywords: wisdom, gaining knowledge, objective understanding, inspiration, creativity, inner strength, finding the truth, fair judgment, ability to protect what is right, setting the balance.

There are two other trees aside from Hazel, which are strongly connected with 'knowledge'; namely, Rowan and Beech. However, despite this similarity, their principles are completely different. Hazel stays for 'integral understanding' and the ability to see the whole picture; Rowan for deep and unexpected insight; and Beech for knowledge gained from books or other material sources.

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