Cedar is a noble tree with fair and generous nature. Usually associated with prosperity and wealth, Cedar can be distinguished from other trees with similar symbolism (such as Maple) by its inner strength and inclination for leadership. This tree is undoubtedly honest and sincere, and is often seen as the embodiment of high moral qualities.

Cedar personifies the wise ruler and reliable guardian, like a king in the time of peace, who dedicated himself not to wars and battles, but to peaceful development of his country. At first sight not as powerful as, for example, Oak, Cedar, however, is not inferior to this wood; the matter is that Cedar's strength is more composed and thus less noticeable. This tree is extremely good protector and defender, and does best in driving off and banishing evil spirits and negative influences. It is also known for its generally positive spirit and for the ability to withstand unfavourable circumstances.

Cedar is all-purpose tree and can be used in various magical and occult practices, but its primarily use is for protection against evil influences. This wood strengthens you spirit, calms unnecessary passions and increases resistance. In addition to that, Cedar is also used for achieving prosperity as wealth, and can help in gaining respect and recognition.

Keywords: generosity, fairness, noble origin, prosperity, wealth, steadiness, resistance, inner strength, wise ruler in the time of peace, guardian, protection from evil spirits, respect and recognition.

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