Birch is one of the most beautiful and poetic trees. It has almost no connection with earthly, material aspect of life, thus becoming a personification of a pure Idea. It symbolizes the forgiveness (not the forgiving itself, but rather the result of it); and can deliver from mistakes of the past, giving a chance to start life afresh or to 'turn over a new leaf'. However, this favorable quality implies themes, which are rather dark and sad. Indeed, speaking of 'the new chance' in isolation from the past is impossible, for the very concept of 'new beginning' always means that there was something before; something that is completely lost now, and cannot be resurrected.

Symbolism of "new beginning" and of "new life" is present in all qualities of this wood. Birch is associated with children, for they are most natural "beginners" of this world, as well as with the new level of spiritual grow in general.

Birch is also known for its good psychical healing abilities. It can help in recuperation and in restoring one's strength. Being kind and compassionate, Birch will never refuse anyone who are in need of its support. Pure and light nature of Birch has lead to its using in purification rites and in cleansing rituals. This tree is good for expelling evil spirits and spirits of the past; though, it is unable to destroy them.

Keywords: new beginnings, another chance, higher lever, purification, innocence, kindness, expelling evil, freeing from past, curing from sorrows, tenderness, compassion, light.

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