Beech, along with Rowan and Hazel, is the tree commonly associated with knowledge. In this case, it is the kind of knowledge, which can be revealed mainly via 'material' sources, for example, in old objects, places and writings. This wood has a clear connection with ancient tradition and history and is thought to provide guidance from the past.

Beech tree is overall optimistic and lucky, though conservatism and straightforwardness are not stranger to it. The nature of Beech is steady and stable; it symbolize a solid base upon one's value system is built. Despite the implied solidity, this wood is not stagnant or inert; quite the contrary, it provides excellent flow of energy (though doesn't hold energy well). Beech's strong connection to material aspect of life reveals itself when it comes to works involving 'creation': all things created 'in a Beech spirit' are strict, solid and defined, and they are lacking in fantasy sometimes, being too traditional and predictable.

In spiritual and magical workings, Beech is often used for spells dealing with material objects; but it can bring stability and balance to almost any spell or charm. Due to its ability to conduct energy, Beech does well as mediator and in that quality can be used in various rituals. In addition to it, this wood's spirit is favourable to gaining wealth and bringing luck.

Keywords: ancient knowledge preserved in material sources, tradition, past experience, flow of energy, solid foundation, distinctness, stability, lack of innovation, wealth, luck, straight nature, positive spirit.

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