Ash, one of the most significant trees in world culture, is usually connected with Creation myth. Yggdrasil, the World tree in Norse mythology, is often interpreted as 'Ash'. Being the tree of Created Universe, Ash symbolizes materialization of initial Idea. In particular, Ash represents the concept of form and structure of our World, thus integrating both the ideal and the material aspect of Creation.

Other important aspect of Ash meaning, such as obvious connection with sea power (or with the power resident in water), is in fact reflection of its basic cosmological archetype. Sea, Ocean or Water itself in general represent initial source of Life, especially deep, hidden sides of it. In psychoanalytical interpretation, Water is the main symbol of Unconsciousness. In our opinion, Ash represents not the Water-archetype itself, but conscious powers, which originated in this unconscious Water. This distinction is very important for thorough understanding of Ash principle.

In magical and occult practices, Ash can be used in spells requiring focus and strength of purpose, and indicates the linking of the inner and outer worlds. Ash is good in any spell or working involving mental and emotional purification and concentration.

Keywords: form and structure, world axis, Idea of Creation, Yggdrasil. Firmness, purposefulness, concentration, will, integration, deed, cleansing, preciseness, necessity, independence, resistance to bad influence, inner and deep transformation. Understanding karma and doing what is right.

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