Apple, the earliest cultivated tree, is well-known and honored in many cultures. Magical 'apples of eternal youth' or 'apples of immortality' were often mentioned in various tales and legends of ancient times; and because of that, apple tree became clearly associated with everlasting youth and beauty.

This tree is also connected with choice, especially with conscious choice, mainly due to famous Greece myth about 'The Apple of Discord'. According to this myth, Paris was asked to award the fairest among the three goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite with this apple; and he chose Aphrodite because she promised him the love of the most beautiful woman, Helen of Troy. This story shows us another, hidden and more complicated aspect of apple symbolism, aside from its obvious connection with Aphrodite-Venus: the aspect of choice and to some extent of 'social judgment'.

Christianity tradition adds even darker overtone to Apple meaning, making this fruit an emblem of the Fall (though biblical 'forbidden fruit' was rather pomegranate than apple). However, the initial positive symbolism of Apple as of fruit of Knowledge and of Eternal life is still present. Apple is favorable in love spells; for divinations, healing, fertility rituals; in gaining and preserving beauty and youth. It awakes otherworldly senses and thus allows spiritual work; in particular, dream-traveling and watching far-away places (such as in magical mirrors).

Keywords: Consciousness, intelligence, social structures. Choice. Eternal youth and beauty. Young age, light, culture, society. Love, dreams, desire, gift. Desired, but forbidden. Aphrodite, Venus.

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