Alder, the tree of fire, has a very strong battle spirit. According to “Cad Goddeu” (“The Battle of Trees”), Alder fought in the very front line. This tree is often seen as the symbol of 'Godlike-Warrior', and thus associated with Mars. It embodies such qualities as courage, strength, braveness, and symbolizes leadership on the battlefield.

However, despite its warrior spirit, Alder is not a bloodthirsty aggressor. It fights only for worthy cause, and always stays for what is right and just. Rather protector than destroyer, Alder shows its noble and strict nature when it comes to interests of the Family or Clan. It can be seen as the head of a big, united family and has a strong sense of belonging to it. That's why Alder tree may be associated with both male and female principle; the choice depends on who is the keeper of the family. In general, Alder personifies the Mankind as whole.

Alder tree has many useful magical qualities. In addition to being the tree of Fire, it has a clear connection with Air and Water: Alder can summon and control the four winds (Air); as to Water, Alder nature prevents him from underwater decay and thus it can resist all negative spells with Water influence.

Alder also symbolizes a physical appearance, and due to this quality can be used in glamour spells.

Keywords: noble warrior, battle-spirit, strength, courage, just and strict nature, leadership in battle, Mankind, family tradition, keeper of house, active defender, resistance to alien influence.

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